What Is Square Dancing?

Square Dance is a 'Folk Dance' that is enjoyed in a 'Community' of dancers.

Folk Dance

Western Square Dance is a traditional dance form that has evolved over the years to keep pace with today's tastes and music. It is much more than the old-time dance as it has more structure and more variety of movements for dancers to enjoy. It is usually danced to live performance of popular songs and is easy to learn and enjoy because the dance caller does the choreography, leading the dancers to perform the dance movements at his direction. The Triangle area is fortunate to have professional callers that can lead very entertaining dances.

Many people are exposed to square dancing in a single fun-filled evening. Even at that introductory level, anyone can experience the enjoyment of square dancing. It gives healthy aerobic activity in a social setting. There is also a sense of satisfaction with the mental activity that is involved, as well as the camaraderie with fellow dancers. With a little practice, anyone can do it, even those that claim they have two left feet.

Modern Western Square Dance has several well-defined levels of dancing; ranging from Basic to Challenge. Most dancers dance at the Mainstream level which is easy to learn and offers the fun, entertainment, and exercise that makes square dancing so popular. Additional levels can be experienced by dancers who look for more challenge in their dancing. Some dancers like the more comfortable, some like the more challenging.


Square dancing is a very social activity. Although each dancing square consists of four couples, it is not just a couples dance. Each dancer interacts with all other dancers in the square. There are lots of hand clasps, some dance swings and an occasional 'yellow-rock' hug. During the course of an evening each dancer will dance with many other dancers.

Most experienced square dancers dance with a group monthly or several times a month and become good friends with many of the other dancers. In the Triangle area there are hundreds of dancers in nearly a dozen such clubs. And the community is increased when dancers from those clubs and others from surrounding areas dance at occasional open dances. In addition, people who know how to square dance can participate in dances all over the country and in other parts of the world. It is a friendly and welcoming community.